The Last   Official Site
An opportunity to see one of the great first wave LA punk bands, this legendary South Bay power-pop/punk/garage band formed in the late 1970's and as one of the Hermosa Beach "Church" bands (Black Flag, The Alley Cats and The Descendents), became a major influence not only on the development of So. Cal. punk, but also on the psychedelia-influenced LA bands of the mid-1980s. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SEE ONE OF L.A.s BEST and most influencial bands.

"The sound of 1965 LA folk rock run through the seive of '77 punk, recorded in a garage and sounding like it, yet with such power, such an outpouring of pure life-energy that it didn't matter that it would never get on the radio."
- Bomp!

"The Last helped ignite the L.A. punk and power pop explosion"
- All Music Guide

Caustic Cause   Official Site
If you ever saw a lineup with Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Fear, TSOL, etc. back in the early years of LA's hardcore scene, you will undoubtedly remember Caustic Cause. Formed in 1980, it is somewhat of a tragedy that these guys got busy with other things before the Great Acceptance of Punk Rock by the Masses that happened in the early 90's. Fortunately for us (and all of you) they have reformed, and are playing at the BBQ.

"This is as solid early eighties hardcore as you're going to get your paws on any time soon. With lyrics dancing between sarcasm and politics, tight guitars that can thrash or experiment, this sits as not only a great testament to the time, but something that's going to keep on rocking, because it rocks. ...... it could easily be 1982 and you're listening to Rodney On The Roq.... This is the really real, kids."
- Sparkplug

Lawndale   Official Site
During their brief but prolific run in the mid 1980s, the all-instrumental Lawndale was a fixture on L.A.'s second wave punk scene. Playing a unique form of what has been described (possibly by a psychotic) as 'Surf-infused Psychedelic Melodic Acid-Prog Rock', the band was fittingly dubbed "the Instrumental Gurus of the Church of the Electric Guitar" by the LA Weekly.

""...if you have any fondness for early '60s instrumentals ... and care to see it done superbly plus a demented tinge of Pink Floyd influence, this is the band" "
- Stone Age News

CHUCK DUKOWSKI Sextet  on facebook
In their best periods, Black Flag, SWA, Wurm, UGM, etc. had a single common denominator driving the bottom end of the sonic spectrum, and the ensembles themselves into realms unexplored by mere mortalpunks ....its name is Chuck Dukowski. The Chuck Dukowski Sextet has evolved in members and styles over its six-year existence from avant garde woodwind smashing '70s power everything in between. Now, the band features Dukowski, his wife Lora Norton, Norton's son Milo Gonzales and family friend Ashton Slater.

"Although Dukowski has made great music throughout his career, in some ways, it always seemed that his bandmates were never able to fully articulate his blueprint. What does it say, then, that he's made his most powerful, and most terrifying, music in three decades with his own family? "

Barrio Tiger   On FaceBook
There are very few bands in LA who are brave enough to play straight up Rock N Roll. No "Indie" bells and whistles, prog rock back beats, or experimental screaming and screeching. This ball's to the wall approach of keeping it Rock N Roll has almost disappeared into obscurity. LA's own Barrio Tiger are part of the elite group of bands playing right now that have kept the time tested tradition of Rock and roll alive and well.

"Barrio Tiger is definitely a high point, a band that puts well more than the requisite amount of energy and oomph into their live shows. What could easily fall into the same ol' same ol' rut gets a solid kick in the ass courtesy of rock solid songwriting, diversity, and drawing from influences outside the bubble—just when you think you've got 'em pegged, up jumps a poppy punk tune (albeit with roaring dual/duel guitars) and a slower jam flecked with country"
- Razorcake

Brainspoon   Official Site
To the uninitiated, Brainspoon may appear as just another post-punk, four-chord excuse to throw pretty girls on stage and pad some promoter’s pocket with the inevitable ticket sales. Those preconceptions are soon silenced, however, by the fret-fondling fingers of guitarist Michelle Balderrama. Toss in Daphne Vandervalk’s well-honed voice, and there’s nothing left to do but raise your fist in the air, bang your head, and watch the skeptics scatter. Known for their high-energy, hair-flying, scissor-kicking live shows, Brainspoon prides itself on being a full-fledged, no-holds-barred, rock and roll experience.

"While the ladies unquestionably front the band, it is the unsung and non-singing half of Brainspoon, the aforementioned Diez and former Earwigs bassist Tom Underhill, who skillfully lay the rhythmic foundation upon which everything else is built."
- Ventura County News


1:00 - Doors open
1:30 - Brainspoon
2:30 - Barrio Tiger
3:30 - The Last
4:30 - Lawndale
5:30 - Chuck Dukowski Sextet
6:30 - Caustic Cause

"A Fucked Up Time is Guranteed for All"

The Liquid Kitty pUnk rOck BBQ (in its 15th year) is a free party with six bands all too loud to perform at a classy joint like the Liquid Kitty during regular business hours.

Hot dogs are free, and you punks are encouraged to bring your own food to grill on the BBQ.

Drinks are cheap ($2 Pabst Blue Ribbon, well drinks $4).
Past bands have included:

Mike Watt & The Missingmen, The Alley Cats, Sin 34, The Urinals, It's OK, Saccharine Trust, Spot, Chuck Dukowski, Insect Surfers, Threeway, Raw Power Rangers, Nip Drivers, Double Naught Spy Car, Joe Baiza Congress, The Black Widows, Legal Weapon and The Human Hands.

11780 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064

Sorry kiddies! 21 and over!